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Apex Legends Guide

Tips & Training Guide To Improve Your Aim

EA and Respawn Entertainment wanted a piece of the Battle Royale pie by creating the fast-paced hero shooter game Apex Legends. The first triple-A FPS game that combines Battle Royale gameplay with hero specific abilities. The game distinguishes itself from other Battle Royale games by introducing advanced movement abilities with straight forward gunplay and a top-notch communication / UI system. This guide contains training tips to help you improve your aim as well as the best settings recommendations for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Gameplay

While Apex Legends mixes hero abilities with a Battle Royale, the gameplay isn’t centered around those abilities or so called ultimates.

While they sure help out a lot, the gameplay evolves mostly around outsmarting your enemy with swift movement and strong gunplay that gravitates heavily towards aim. Having good aim in FPS games is always key but in Apex Legends it comprises more than half of the work to be done in order to win. The reason is that the TTK (Time To Kill) is very high for a Battle Royale, taking an average 3 seconds or more (depending on the weapon and shield) to take out an opponent. This is one of the crucial differences between Apex Legends and other Battle Royales like PUBG or CoD Warzone and makes it a very aim centric game. Reducing the TTK by hitting as many bullets as possible should therefore be top priority in order to reduce the damage taken and maximizing yours. This will make sure your item consumption is brought to a minimum and so is the time in combat, as there is always another opponent on the lookout to take advantage of the situation, reducing that time makes it harder for them to catch you off-guard. This means that improving your aim technique and mechanics will have a massive impact on your in-game performance, and 3D Aim Trainer is your best pal for achieving this goal!

Apex Legends Tips

To test your aim benchmark and your performance against other players


There is no trick better than practice, practice and practice. Not only does frequent practice trains your muscle memory but it also improves your reaction speed.


To acquire targets as quickly as possible, start practicing on random targets from various angles. Practice your aim slowly first to nail precision then speed will follow.


Train your flicking on both sides to have equal flicks as being left handed, or right handed can shift the balance of your flicking, hence aim accuracy.


Train holding and moving your mouse as swiftly and smoothly as possible for best crosshair placement on moving targets. Instead of running while you’re shooting, practice sprinting, then standing still for a quick second to shoot.

Time To Kill

Hand-eye coordination has its own time lag. With Apex Legends high TTK, it’s important to speed up your hand-eye coordination to the point that you’re not really thinking about shooting, you just aim, shoot and conquer in no time.

How to Get Better at Apex Legends with 3D Aim Trainer

A high time to kill means that your opponent will take a decent amount of time to go down. Therefore, the focus of your training should gravitate towards tracking, as this type of training is all about keeping your crosshair on the target which is exactly what aiming is about when it comes to Apex Legends for PC. To translate this into Apex Legends training at our Academy:

apex legends character standing looking to the right


Smooth Operator


Eagle's Nest Horizontal


Eagle's Nest Vertical


Bounce Ball Target Switching


Smooth Operator


Eagle's Nest Horizontal


Bounce Ball Target Switching

apex legends character laying on their side

When it comes to routines there is one golden rule our users need to follow in order to really improve their aim and benefit from the service we provide: It’s better to train every day for a half hour than once a week for 3 hours.

Best Apex Legends Settings

GFX Settings

When it comes to FPS games, spotting your enemy as fast and as easily as possible is key towards success. Tweaking your graphics settings can be a major asset as it improves visibility for you. These settings should be adjusted in Apex Legends for the best possible vision.

Interact Prompt Style – Compact / Button Hints – OFF / Ping Opacity - Faded

One of the most important Fortnite tips is to learn how to shoot at an angle, where the tactics depend on your location from the target, so if you’re shooting from high ground, check which direction your enemy is moving and shoot where they are headed. For low ground shooting situations, and especially when using sniper rifles, anticipate your enemy’s movement, take into account bullet travel speed and adjust your shot to be slightly above their head for headshots or their upper torso for body shots.

V-Sync - OFF

V-sync creates input lag so put this one OFF. Adaptive Resolution FPS Target - 0 Texture resolution scaling depending on your frames per second output is something you should avoid as it creates inconsistency and texture popping so put it on “0”

Adaptive Resolution FPS Target - 0

Texture resolution scaling depending on your frames per second output is something you should avoid as it creates inconsistency and texture popping so put it on “0”

Anti-Aliasing (AA) – TXAA

If it hurts your FPS performance turn it off.

Texture Filtering – Bilinear

Anti-aliasing has no significant impact on Apex Legends but if it hurts your FPS performance turn it off.

Best Audio & Visual Settings For Apex

Ambient Occlusion Quality - Disabled

Ambient occlusion is an advanced lightning effect which makes lightning and shadows more dynamic, the effect is that dark areas are even darker and bright areas are brighter. This makes enemies harder to spot in dark areas as the surrounding is darker than when turned OFF.

Volumetric Lighting – Disabled

Volumetric Lighting – Disabled

Sun – Spot – Dynamic Shadow - Low

In contrast to Rainbow Six or CS:GO shadows aren’t that important in Apex Legends and eat performance, you can turn it to low, but it’s more of a personal preference.

Impact Marks – Disabled

You don’t want to be reminded every time you shoot a bullet into the wall instead of at your enemy, reducing clutter and improving visibility, so turn it off.

Model Detail – High

You want to see your enemies as clear and sharp as possible

Effects Detail – Low

You don’t want flashy effects cluttering your vision in combat so set this on low.

Ragdolls - Low

You shouldn’t care about enemies that are dead and so does your GPU, turn it on low.

FIeld of View (FOV)

This is personal, but for a Battle Royale game like Apex Legends where the enemies can come from all sides, increasing it a bit might be a good idea. Between 90 – 105. (= 105 – 119 Hor. FOV) are about the limits.Just a fast reminder, for best settings for Apex Legends

High FOV

You see more of the visible world at any given moment, making objects smaller, keeping a better overview of your surroundings as enemies can come from any direction. Easier to compensate for recoil as the FOV is higher the weapon is smaller and so is the recoil pattern. Enemies are smaller and therefore harder to hit. Increases the pincushion effect as the object will be a lot bigger at the edge of your display than in the middle.


You see less of the visible world at any given moment, making objects bigger and details sharper making it easier to focus and spot enemies when you know where to look for. Weapon recoil patterns are harder to control. Enemies are bigger and easier to hit

Sprint Shake – Minimal

A given, you want your screen image to wobble as less as possible when sprinting.

Apex PC Requirements; Mouse & Keyboard

Mouse Sensitivity (25 – 45cm / 360° turn)

As always, I recommend sticking to the mouse sensitivity you are used to as it translates the fastest to a new game. If you are new, I recommend a 360° character spin between 25 – 45 cm for Apex legends. FYI: I personally use 36cm, but that’s just a habit, if I would restart over 30-32 cm is about the sweet spot for a balanced aim between tracking and flicking.

ADS Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier – 1.00

Apex Legends is using the Vertical Monitor Distance Matching technique for calculating your sensitivity between various scopes, x1.00 is the default value and I would stick to it as it gives the most natural feel between various scopes, but ofc that’s your own preference.

Mouse Acceleration - OFF

A given, no false acceleration when moving your mouse around.

Got Questions?

We hope this APEX aim trainer guide was useful on how to improve in game and if you have any questions, please join our Discord Community.