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Reimagine your audio


Envelop your gaming space in immersive, premium-quality sound from SteelSeries, for the first time in speaker format. Available in 3 different products, transform your rig into an epic gaming space. Find your Arena.

A full Arena 9 speaker setup: two way, front, rear speakers, and a subwoofer.

Arena 9

The world's first 5.1 gaming surround system over a single USB connection. An illuminated speaker system that includes a pair of two-way front speakers, a center channel speaker, a subwoofer, and two wireless rear surround sound speakers.

A full Arena 7 setup complete with two speakers and a subwoofer.

Arena 7

Invite gaming's immersive sounds into your space with a 2.1 USB-connected gaming speaker that includes a pair of 2-way speakers illuminated in configurable 4-zone RGB lighting, and a powerful 6.5" subwoofer.

A front-facing shot of two Arena 3 speakers.

Arena 3

Transform your gaming space with massive 4" drivers, as the 2.0 speaker system produces powerful bass, vibrant mids, and crystal clear highs. Enter a full range of enhanced audio details through a universal 3.5mm connection.

A lifestyle shot of the Arena 9 two-way speaker and front speaker.
A stylized lifestyle shot of the Arena 9 subwoofer.
A moody Arena 9 speaker on a desktop computer setup.