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Call of Duty Warzone Aim Training Guide

A Complete Aim Practice Routine For Call of Duty For PC Gamers

Every year Activision releases a new version of their successful franchise and one of the best fps games for pc “Call of Duty”. This year, however, not only did they release “Call of Duty MW 2019” but also the free-to-play battle royal game “COD Warzone” which is a combination of the popular battle royal genre with the classic Call of Duty run & gun gameplay we are all so familiar with. Needless to say, this is a great recipe for success, which is translated into more than 50 million active players.

Call of Duty Gameplay

To test your aim benchmark and your performance against other players


The run & gun gameplay of Call of Duty can be positioned between tactical shooters like CS:GO or Rainbow Six Siege and the more classical arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament.


Another typical aspect of the COD gameplay is a large number of enemy encounters, especially in modes like team deathmatch or domination where players respawn, especially when the COD maps are fairly small for the number of players.


While the synergy between player movement, gun recoil, and spread isn’t as determinative as in Counter-Strike it still has some influence on the gameplay, which can’t be said for most arena shooters.

Time To Kill

The time to kill a player (TTK) walks somewhat the same path, as you take damage from an off-angle you still have a small window to react, and with the right aiming skills you can turn the tide in your favour.


Aside from aim and gun control, movement is the second key factor to success. Mastering techniques such as cancel sliding, jump, and crouch shooting are essential to keep yourself on your toes and throw your opponent’s aim off and is especially important when engaging multiple enemies at the same time, which is a common thing in Call of Duty.

30-minutes daily training plan from 3D Aim Trainer


Bounce Ball Target Switching


Eagle's Nest Horizontal


Eagle's Nest Vertical




Micro Flickshots


Combined Flickshots


Bounce Ball Click Timing


Eagle’s Nest Horizontal



Aim Practice Every Day

Playing a winning game of Call of Duty Warzone requires a lot of practice and dedication. If you’re wondering how many hours you need to devote to playing COD; the answer is a minimum of 30 minutes to one hour a day. That’s what it takes if you want to improve. Top players on the other hand dedicate a grueling 6 to 8 hours of aim training for Warzone and have a regimented practice schedule against competitors at or above their own level. It is the only way to truly advance in skill. Make sure you’re constantly playing with people who are better than you as it’s the only way you’ll grow as a player.

Build Your Muscle Memory

Stick with one sensitivity in order to develop the muscle memory you need to improve your aim in Call of Duty: MW and Warzone.

COD Modern Warfare Gameplay

Muscle memory turns aiming from a task that requires conscious concentration into a reflex. This obviously allows you to hit your targets faster.

The more familiar you are with the required tasks, the faster and natural your hands move to accomplish that task. In essence, you’ve got to wire your muscles up to already know how to move your mouse over the enemy’s head without even thinking about it.

Changing your sensitivity very often results in slowing you down from firing a shot simultaneously since you have to move differently to adapt to sensitivity changes.

Once you’ve got a sensitivity that works, stick with it until you can build muscle memory.

Call Of Duty In-Game Settings

If you want to improve your gameplay in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, the best place to start is with your settings. Optimizing your PC settings for COD brings you closer to winning.


In FPS games like Call of Duty Warzone it’s important that you clear vision of your enemy as much as possible, that’s why it’s highly recommended to tweak the in-game graphics settings in order to get the best visibility and performance available.

When we look at the GFX settings in the options menu, the following settings should be either reduced or turned off.

Custom Frame Rate – Unlimited

This will make sure your GPU is spitting out as many frames as possible for the most fluent experience.

Depth of Field - OFF

This simulates a camera lens effect which creates a blurry effect on the surrounding when your scope isn’t focused on it. This makes spotting enemies on the edge of your screen harder than it should be so turn it off.

Ambient Occlusion – OFF

Ambient occlusion is an advanced lightning effect that makes lightning and shadows more dynamic, the effect is those dark areas are even darker and bright areas brighter.

The result is that enemies are harder to spot in dark areas as the surrounding is darker than when turned OFF.

Anti-Aliasing / Screen Space Reflection – OFF

AA makes edges more refined, turning it off however makes the game a bit sharper and improves your overall visibility.

Filmic Strength / Grain – 0.00

When you are playing your ace game you don’t want any film grain obstructing your vision.

World Motion / Weapon Motion Blur – Disabled

When fast swiping your mouse you don’t want a blurry filter obstructing your vision making it harder to see enemies, so disable it.

COD MW Audio & Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Mouse Sensitivity

You will have to switch targets frequently and potentially cover some big angles in between. Hence, bumping your mouse sensitivity a notch isn’t a bad idea, especially when this advice is coming from tactical shooters for making sure you don’t run out of mouse pad when fast-switching from one target to another.

Aim Down Sight (ADS) Sensitivity – Relative & Multiplier (1.00)

“Relative” makes for the most natural and balanced feel when switching between low and high magnitude scopes as it uses vertical monitor distance matching to synchronize the mouse sensitivity. Keeping the ADS multiplier at 1.00 keeps it relative in sync with your hipfire mouse sensitivity, but that’s more of a personal choice rather than a must.

Mouse Smoothing – Filtering – Acceleration – OFF

You don’t want that the camera movement is linked to the speed at which you move your mouse as this messes with your muscle memory so turn all of this OFF.

Audio Mix – Boost

In order for you to hear your enemy’s footsteps as clear as possible, boost your audio mix as it really bumps the sounds that matter for locating your enemy and mute’s the rest to the background.

World Motion / Weapon Motion Blur – Disabled

When fast swiping your mouse you don’t want a blurry filter obstructing your vision making it harder to see enemies, so disable it.

Got Questions?

We hope this COD MW aim trainer guide was useful on how to improve in game and if you have any questions, please join our Discord Community.